The link above is from one of my all time favorite animated movies, Mulan. In this part of the movie, the soldiers are challenged to climb a long pole and pull out the arrow at the very top while using two weights that represent discipline and strength. The trick they had to learn was to embrace the weights so that they could get to the very top. What’s my point? 
Well, the sad truth is that a lot of people go through life not knowing what they want out of life or what they are good at. I recently discovered that one of my friends is an amazing writer but she had never shown anyone her work because she thought it was ‘gay’ and embarrassing. HOW RIDICULOUS!! If you are not bold enough to do what you love, how are you going to be happy to wake up in the morning? A person that has never explored will always wonder ‘What if?’. It is really scary chasing a new dream but if you never try, you’ll never know. All it takes is the strength to go out there to make an attempt and the discipline to follow it through. Explore your options, don’t waste your life and follow your dreams. 
                                                                                 Yours Truly,


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