Satire In Pidgeon English (poem)

Na one day weh I dey drive (go palms), I come see this fine bobo (him dey waka for side walk).
He dey wear one tight, short mini skirt weh show all him curves!
I come stop my Bentley, roll down window; come form Yankee accent:
“Hey baby, want a ride?”
Bobo come dey form him own, na weh him come dey blow H-factor for me!
“Sure baby, (H)a ride will be ‘nize’.
Before I go match accelerator speed off, bobo just enter passenger seat,
The first thing wey just slap me for face na the body odour weh dey permeate from him body!
Next thing, (before i go just take hand sanitizer wipe nose to commot the smell) bobo jus lean in to kiss me, Na him bad breath weh come almost choke me die!
Na this time wey I come remember my heavenly father.
 I come stop the car, look bobo say ‘let us pray’.
Bobo come give me eye as if him want kill me,
I tell am say ‘waka shege’, him come leave my car.
From that day on, I know say God be my Saviour for real!

So, what are you thinking?

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