Bully, Please

I hate bullies, period.
They always try to be in your life
Just because they can’t handle their own misery!
Trying to bend me at your will is not going to work
Because I’m stronger than you think,
Of course you are intimidated because you know if you try to bark, I’ll roar!
Don’t test me because I’m not one of those little lambs you prey on!
I’ll face you head on and you can bet I won’t lose.
Are you really taking a step towards me?
Think twice before you make a dumb move,
I’ll King you before you blink,
I’ll crush you before you wink!
We both know you don’t have the backbone to stand next to me!
So bug off and get a life,
Because you can’t be a part of mine!

So, what are you thinking?

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