The ABCs of Womanhood

A for Asshole (what women call their Ex Boyfriends)
B for Boobs (what’s in a Man’s Head probably 70% of the time you’re talking to him)
C for Chick flick (movies made with women in mind)
D for Dog (another thing women call men that hurt them)
E for Ego (some women hate it, some love it, some just love to hate it)
F for Food (really simple but complex phenomenon)
G for Gum (keeps the breath minty fresh)
H for Hag (something no woman wants to be)
I for ‘I do’ (something women say to men)
J for Judy (a famous Female Judge)
K for Kisses (something women would rather have than chocolate)
L for Lady (a young woman)
M for Men (what you get when you subtract the WO from Women; something women love)
N for Nag (something Men accuse Women of doing even though they do it too)
O for Oprah (no explanations needed)
P for Painting (something Women are good at)
R for Right (something Mothers like to be)
S for Sex (something Women do with Men)
T for Trust (really important to women in relationships)
U for Unappreciated (something women hate)
V for Vagina (Biologically exclusive to women)
W for Women (what adult females are called)
X for X (pronunciation for Ex)
Y for Young (something a lot of women need to realize they can’t be forever)
Z for Zen (a word a lot of women don’t relate to)

So, what are you thinking?

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