We hate feeling like this,
Like there is indeed a limit to it all;
A ‘reality’ as some might call it.
Life is merely supposed to have stumbling blocks we can handle,
Can someone really blame Suicide when she offers a way out of a pool of distress?
One less dream to forfeit,
One less burden to inevitably place on the ones we love.
The world really is a ‘female beast’!
Allows one to dream millions but never gives a chance for one dream to be.
We see the limitless beyond the horizon,
We walk farther, and then we realize there is a ‘Red Sea’ waiting for us.
Where is the hope for us to hold on to?
Sometimes Hope just doesn’t seem near enough,
And it’s really not Hope’s fault.
All our lives we search and search for the limitless,
Refusing to admit that we are Un-limitless.
Even when we do realize our limits,
We still hold on to the limitless.

So, what are you thinking?

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