Kill them! Lock them up! Feed them to the dogs!

Let’s send them to hell where they belong!
A millions voices echo…
Hold on! What have they done?
Cries the voice of one…
They have chosen to live a life different from the one dictated!
Heresy! Absolutely Preposterous!
Before I open Pandora’s Box,
How many of you millions are doing the exact same thing in different ways…
You see yourself as a ‘higher breed’ and spit on them as mere ‘dogs’.
Now I open the box!
Way to dazzle away the problems!
Because those who are blinded by hate can’t see through your tricks…
But that one voice does!
What happened to the century old problems we’ve endured for decades?
How does this brighten our future?
Take a step back and look around you!
Is this really a battle that should be fought now?
Sweep away the glitter
And you’ll see the black lump of coal that lies beneath the gold.   

So, what are you thinking?

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