Angry Minds

As my mind tries to pull itself closer and closer to the light of sanity,
The world around me fights to pull it closer to an abyss of shame.
I dare say that I live in a world run by fools!
Yes! I said it with no respect. FOOLS!
The sad reality is that those with their eyes open are so small!
Voices that only produce a whisper at most.
I don’t think that I can ever stop voicing out my irritations.
To keep it all inside would be like saying I have given up to those that are wrong!
To quote one of them, ‘our values are our values’;
This is me sticking to mine.
I’ll keep hoping that this world can see the light on its wrong
And hold on to its right.
All one can do now is…
I absolutely have no idea!

So, what are you thinking?

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