Shitty Tales

Before anyone reads this and accuses me of vulgarity or being a bitter old prune, let me say this. Art is an expression. Not just an expression of one’s self but an expression of the world, an idea, a feeling, a fascination. You could even see it as an expression of nothingness or a life that you have imagined. Art is everything and nothing. It’s is conventional and not conventional. As you read this poem, embrace the Vulgarity as a part of the  things that make the world beautiful. As we all know, life isn’t all “sugar, spice and everything nice”… it will always need a little “Chemical X”. P.S. Vulgarity is so cool with a British accent! Here is “Shitty Tales”

In the words of a great man,
“All fairytales are full of shit’.
Shitty starts, shitty endings.
It usually starts with a girl and a boy,
With a sprinkle of evil and then some nice magic that takes all the sorrow away.

‘And then they live happily ever after’

What the f*ck!
What is ‘happily ever after’ supposed to mean?
Just a rip off of the real story…
A slap in the face telling you to imagine what happens when the birds are done singing and the sun has set.

Well, I’ll tell u what happens…
It gets dark again.
And all the wolves and snakes come out to play.
Cinderella loses her virginity and Prince Charming won’t be so chivalrous anymore.
‘Relly becomes a nagging fat ass with a lying cheating drunk for a husband.
… Haha! Some happy ending.

But wait! It doesn’t end there. ‘Relly has a son! 
Oh what joy that it wasn’t some little girl to come and f*ck this whole shindig up. 
A boy named Sam.
This is the part where they give you that same old raconteur line,
‘And they lived happily ever after’.

The wolves and the snakes once again come out to play.
All Sam wants to be is Samantha…
Dress up in some slutty get up and be the p*ssy everyone is talking about.
But no, sam has a stick.

Sam gets on some technology sh*t and finally gets his wish.
‘Happily ever after’?
You wish!
‘Relly and Charming throw Samantha out in the cold,
Samantha gets on the street,
Samantha gets a little abuse,
A sprinkle of drugs and a whole lot of some deadly disease.

Sam-an-tha tries to reason with ‘Relly and Charming because she’s dying but all they say is: 
‘Sam is dead’.
Then Sammy dies.
Yes. This is how the story really ends.

Not in some glorious never ending, never bitter existence.
Everything dies away into nothingness.
All we can do is make the most of our little existence.

Live YOUR life,
And stop listening to those 
Shitty tales.


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