Shallow and Superficially Stunted

As always I mean no disrespect to anyone that chooses to live their life in a certain way but sometimes we all just need to take a step back and evaluate our actions. A while ago word got around on twitter about a girl, a list and an internet radio interview (those people who heard heard and if you didn’t, oh well… too bad i’m not peddling news). That got me thinking a little bit about how our society works and how it all connects to create over a decades worth of mess.

Just like the rest of the world, our lovely little sunshine of a country is based on hierarchy in which your place is not based on your bank account as people like to assume but based on your ability to flaunt any material that is attached to a high status. For example, let me highlight “Le Blackberry Babes”. If any of you have seen the movie Blackberry Babes or aware of the world you live in, you won’t need me to explain further. However, for the sake of the simple, let me state the headlines. A blackberry babe can be spotted with a Brazilian weave, two or three of the latest blackberries and a knack for getting men to fuel her expensive taste (no offence to anyone that happens to fit the stereotype). Anyway, the Blackberry babes are seen as the ‘it girls’ because of the things they have. It’s therefore not how much is in the bank but how much you can flaunt. You don’t have to have all the LV in the world before you’re rich and honestly trying to have designer everything sets you on your way to poverty! Your attire is not a reflection of your bank account… all that is just razzle-dazzle (just read up on neighbourhood billionaires) But that’s not what this is about, I digress.

My focus is on “the list”. What exactly is the point of a list that highlights who is popular, drives the best cars, wears designer clothes, throws the best parties and so on. Don’t get me wrong I don’t believe that the world can function without hierarchy, it’s in our DNA to either want to be worshiped or worship others. However, I believe that a group of individuals who have decided to pursue some form of ‘higher education’ for whatever reason should have a not so superficial mindset. Sure, there’ll always be people that are popular and people that throw the best parties and all that but is there any need for a list? I thought University was supposed to be about making yourself a better and complete individual… Oh well, I guess people will always have their own definitions about everything.

Take the focus from the college students for a little bit and look at our society as a whole. It’s the same thing I guess. In our little world, it’s all about who you know and how much you can acquire ‘the latest’. So I guess  the radio list is just a solid reflection of unspoken truths.

As much as I believe that there is a limit to how much words and voicing out opinions can change the world (if people are not willing to change, nothing is going to change), I’m still going to say what I have to say. This is one of our nationwide problems. When you take an individual from the society that reasons with the way society operates, what you get is a Presidents that budgets about a million Naira on food alone! We Nigerians have a way of ‘cuddling’ people with power. We bend over backwards to get them what they want at the expense of morality. It’s not bad to be hospitable, but it’s  just ridiculous when you’re still hospitable to someone that consistently makes a mess. Our shallow and superficially stunted world gives the flashers and not the workers the public service jobs. People forget that these people that are so ‘untouchable’ are PUBLIC SERVANTS! I just wonder why the public serves them instead.

In this shallow and superficially stunted world, we can only work on ourselves. The problem isn’t wanting or having a good life. The problem is making it all about ‘the good life’. As much as we should work towards having the best, let’s not lose our integrity and ignore the means of acquiring the things that we desire. PURITANICAL? Hells to the f*cken yeah! This is my just opinion. Reevaluate and ask yourself if you’re living the best life you can possibly be living (depending on your definition of the best life you can be living). If you’re not happy with it, change it. If you are, keep living. It’s all anyone can do.


Credit to the owners of the pictures.


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