Life as an international student

Hey guys!

So i’m steady chilling in the train station because I picked the last train (the only one that had checked baggage). I get to the train station like 5 hours early and find out my luggage can pass for a hand luggage.. Go figure. This would only happen to me. Guess the size requirements they put on the website doesn’t matter. Anyway I’m stuck here homeless cuz i’m not ready to pay extra for a crappy seat. I’ll enjoy my business class that runs late. Yipee -_-.

Anyway, first semester is over and I have to say it’s been amazing, sucky and adventurous  I wouldn’t trade it for the world. So i’m going to make a list of awesome, sucky and lessony things 🙂 [I talk like an idiot and i’m ok with that!]

AWESOME!! (not according to ratings)

1. Roommate (she turned out not to be crazy.. she’s pretty cool)

2. Friends (love them)

3. Hall 14 friends (love them too)

4. Stir Fry (discovered them yesterday but they are the best at Salmo [school{Bryant} cafeteria])

5. Classes (had fun)

6. Bulldog bucks (they saved me from starving)

7. My Birthday! (best day ever!! *wink* lol)

8. Townhouses (awesome but ready for new things)

9. Free food and drinks (thanks to B! lol)

10. Thanksgiving break (love le American Fam!)


1. The weather!

2. Irregular African cuisine

3. Hectic schedule

4. Can’t afford to do hair -_- (Iiiiiiii rrrraaaattchhhheetttt :()

… there might be others but I can’t think of any!


1. Class

2. Job

3. Chicago trip! 😀 CHI TOWWNNN!!

4. Today!

….etc.. just got lazy. 


So, what are you thinking?

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