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“Holy Mary! Won’t you come down for fireworks?” Folashade teased. I glared back at her and continued to ascend the stairs. I despised my elder sister’s hurtful sense of humour. She knew it was the second Christmas in a row that Iʼd be ‘available’ for our familyʼs Christmas fireworks display ritual and not tooʻpleasurably engagedʼ. It used to be my favorite time of the year because this ritual was done in the company of the Olukoya’s who had been our neighbours for ages. I got into my room and started tidying up. Christmas carols were blaring on the
sound system downstairs. This was one of the things that never failed to induce the ‘Christmassy’ feeling. However, John Legend was all I wanted to hear this time so I listened until a knock interrupted me. The person who walked in was the one that made all my previous Christmas days ʻspecialʼ…

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