I am who I am

A lot of times we try to define ourselves -‘Mother’, ‘Tycoon’, ‘Boyfriend’, ‘Artist’. However, we are never one thing always. We change and are always different things at different times, places and to different people. The Buddhists say that there is no self and we are a collection of Skandhas

(‘a combination of five aggregates of existence- about.com)

In one of the bestselling books in the world – The Bible- Exodus 3:14 narrates 

“God said to Moses, ‘I AM WHO I AM”

This simple statement says a lot about ourselves and the definition of this self. We are a complex phenomenon not only in terms of biology but also in terms of personality. A bunch of definitions is never just enough to paint the picture of who we are. Perhaps the best way to tell someone about ourselves is to say we are who we are.


Thoughts anyone?





One thought on “I am who I am

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