Isn’t it funny how the world messes with you and the universe f*cks with your mind?

Ever had one of those bad days? You try to do everything right and some how, everything just keeps going completely wrong!

It started with my Literary and Cultural Studies class. The professor had been nice enough to let me use her textbook because mine hadn’t been delivered yet. As usual, she begins with a tiny quiz. When she asks the question, I realize that I read the wrong. Universe f*ckery number 1.

After class, I get a notification that I have a package. Turns out to be the one of the textbooks I need… just not the one I need right now! (‘haha, wednesday’s fool’, says the universe)

After all my classes are done, I head to the Library to do the CIS assignments I have so I can study for my quizzes later. I spend almost 5 hours and the videos are not working! I head back to my hall and ask my classmate what was up with the assignments, turns out I had been doing the wrong section for almost 5 hours! (Universe mind f*ck 2)

So I get a text about a meeting for one of my clubs and I head out, after an annoying walk, I find no one there. I then walk to another place where I think the meeting might be… turns out the meeting was not for the club I thought! (universal mind f*ck 3). At least I was a member of this club though.

I head back to the library and start work again but I can’t figure anything out. I decide to borrow a laptop from the Library because the lab and my problem have some beef and head back to Hall where my friend can help me our. I plug in the laptop and put it on and it doesn’t work (must be a fault that no one reported). Anyway- universal mind f*ck 3.

I sit at my desk devastated thinking of what I should do next. I’m looking at the wall in front of me when I see the sticky note from the Bible verse I read this morning. Image

… after I saw this, I just laughed and decided to take a break. Sometimes you just need to take a step back from fighting. Here’s to being the world’s fool and being mind f*cked by the universe.


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