Any Last Words? (A Short Story/A Literary Form)

As he mauls me to nonexistence I can’t scream or yell. All I can think about are the things I never did or said. People always say life is too short but we never really act like it, do we? Live everyday like it’s your last? Sure, for like a day and we get too tired, bored or lazy and fall back into the same old patterns. I can’t help but think about how ironic it is that someone will use my death to remember how lucky they are to be alive and try to make the most of it for 24 hours before they go back to their routine. Hey, life just sucks!

Just yesterday I was talking to my friend about how tired I was with college. Yea, yea , ‘college is awesome!’; I don’t dispute that. Trust me, I know how awesome college is… or should I be speaking in past tense. Crap, now I can’t remember what I was talking about because this fool is pulling my braids so hard, I can feel my roots bleeding. Why is this man so angry with life? Maybe he’s not getting any… ugh whatever he’s just really getting on my nerves right now. Why can’t he just kill me with poison or something? Why does it have to be bloody? Guess I’m not going to have a beautiful corpse after all…

Poor mom! What a bother this is going to be for her. I wonder who’s going to pay off the college loans when I’m dead… Oh! I wonder what will happen to my room! *sigh* My Audrey Hepburn poster… I wonder if there’s good chicken in the afterlife…

I really don’t want to die but I’m tired from trying to run away from this maniac so I just stay still and quiet and retreat into my thoughts. I should probably be saying my last prayers or whatever but I just really think it’ll be hypocritical. I’ve always argued that there are no absolute truths so now that I’m going to die I guess I’ll find out myself. Too bad I can’t come back from the dead and tell the world if there are absolute truths or not; I’ll be too busy rotting away 6 feet under possibly with a soul floating around somewhere or going into another body… who knows. With all the uncertainties in the universe, I can certainly tell that this is my last day on this beautifully messed up planet. It’s just a bummer that I’ll never be able to see what company drives Apple out of existence. Business rivalry… always fascina…


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