The Story Store features “Naij- A story of Nigeria by Lanre Olarenwaju”

I believe that stories are important. They help us understand our place in the world and remind us of the things that have happened to shape our current world. Through stories, we understand why things are the way they are and why we need to change them; they present to us the root of our problems and perhaps no matter how slowly, guide us into finding solutions to that problem.

Below is a story of Nigeria. I’m proud to be Nigerian; I’m proud of my heritage and my roots. I say this because I have a deep understanding of where I come from and what it means to be who I am. The understanding I have is thanks to my family, who are brave enough to live and experience their country. Through them I have discovered the magic and power of stories.

I hope that when you watch this, you understand the history of Africa and Nigeria in a different way and see the people for who they really are… not victims but a strong and powerful people. No matter where you are from, please understand your history and take pride in it no matter how messy it is.

To Nigerians and Africans everywhere, the people that came before us put a lot of thought in to creating worlds for not just themselves but for us as well. I like to believe that our founding fathers fought for our independence so that we can have a voice in the world. We are not victims! We are a people of pride. Never forget that.

We all have our battles. What makes us human is our ability to navigate those problems in peace, love and harmony. (lol sounds like sunshine and rainbows but even in peace, love and harmony we disagree and agree to live)

REAL  & TRUE NIGERIANS CARE. (everyone should care)


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