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It’s been more than ten years since I last set foot in the Japanese islands, but they continue to occupy a special place in my mind as the setting for some of my fondest travel memories. I’ll never forget learning to ski in the soft powder of Hokkaido, making snow angels when we fell, laughing, into a deep white cushion. Christmas Eve in Sapporo meant a bowl of steaming, spicy ramen in a tiny restaurant down a back street as the snowflakes drifted silently outside.

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…reblogging because pictures tell stories too. Awesome Pictures!

Terence S Jones - a guy with a camera


A couple of weeks ago I did a shooting with Chandler at Sope Creek which offers a lot of rocks and ruins. The shooting was quite interesting, both from a technical setup as well as location point of view – here are some details. Also make sure to check out Ken Gray’s shots from the shooting.  

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Throwback Week SUBSISTENT CULTURE (A short story/A literary form)

This is a poem written by yours truly, inspired by Yellow Rage- a duo of Asian American female poets.

You see me in a different light,
I’m here to put up a fight.
I am not a documentary
For you to make a commentary,
My home is made from leaves,
You can’t believe it? LEAVE!
I do not have a car, so?
I have two feet and I can sow!
‘Do you live in a tree?’
You ask for free!
It is special I can read?
Why can’t you carve a reed?
To you I’m a special breed,
A creature far from home,
So much like a gnome!
Do me a favor, Shut it!
This is my home,
My life,
My Culture, A subsistent culture;
One you cannot begin to understand.
You ignorant fool,
You are in Nigeria, not Africa!
We are one family, but we are not the same.
A continent diverse, dynamic yet
The same in any way.
You cannot begin to understand how happy we are.
Less than one dollar and I still have a song in my heart.
You cannot begin to understand how I dance wholeheartedly
When I live pettily.
Pettily? It’s a subsistent culture fool!
You don’t understand it?
Flee! This is my world,
My story,
A subsistent life that sustains me.