Throwback Week SUBSISTENT CULTURE (A short story/A literary form)

This is a poem written by yours truly, inspired by Yellow Rage- a duo of Asian American female poets.

You see me in a different light,
I’m here to put up a fight.
I am not a documentary
For you to make a commentary,
My home is made from leaves,
You can’t believe it? LEAVE!
I do not have a car, so?
I have two feet and I can sow!
‘Do you live in a tree?’
You ask for free!
It is special I can read?
Why can’t you carve a reed?
To you I’m a special breed,
A creature far from home,
So much like a gnome!
Do me a favor, Shut it!
This is my home,
My life,
My Culture, A subsistent culture;
One you cannot begin to understand.
You ignorant fool,
You are in Nigeria, not Africa!
We are one family, but we are not the same.
A continent diverse, dynamic yet
The same in any way.
You cannot begin to understand how happy we are.
Less than one dollar and I still have a song in my heart.
You cannot begin to understand how I dance wholeheartedly
When I live pettily.
Pettily? It’s a subsistent culture fool!
You don’t understand it?
Flee! This is my world,
My story,
A subsistent life that sustains me.


So, what are you thinking?

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