Can you recap 30 years of architecture? Submit a proposal to speak at TED2014

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30-y-o global ideas conference seeks hot architecture talk.

Are you an architect, architecture critic, historian of architecture or otherwise involved with architecture and design? Have you always wanted to give a TED Talk?

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of TED, our 2014 conference will include several talks that look back on three decades of advances in a handful of fields. Until June 30, 2013, we are seeking proposals for an 18-minute, multimedia presentation that will take the TED audience through the most important developments in the past 30 years of architecture and suggest where the field is going — or needs to go — in the future.

Presentations may be developed and submitted by individuals or teams, though only one presenter will take the stage. The ideal presentation will:

  • be highly visual
  • be geared toward an audience of interested generalists
  • help non-architects grasp the most important changes in the field…

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