Flag bullying! (harassed 4 short dress video)

I am extremely embarrassed and disappointed that I have to post this. I came across a video this morning about a woman being stripped naked in public because she was wearing a short dress. To be honest I was quite disgusted that some of the harsh comments came from ladies. How many of you have gone to parties in short dresses and you dare to think that it is alright that the public chose to humiliate this lady in this manner. It’s utterly sickening! No one deserves that kind of humiliation no matter your opinion on if women should be clothed like that in public. Our lives should be built around tolerance for things that we do not agree with or understand. The world we live in today does not excuse us from our responsibilities. I am not ashamed or scared to say that I flagged this disgusting and hateful video. I read an article yesterday that said that 98% of women in Northern Nigeria are uneducated. These are the things we should be fired up about. I urged anyone else that sees this video to flag it. That type of humiliation is not something that we should be teaching our young girls that it is OK to accept or something that is deserved. In addition, we should be treating our young men to act with dignity and not treat another human being with that type of disrespect. We all have a right to be treated fairly. If you still disagree that this woman should not have been treated this way, Imagine if the men had given her a pair of trousers rather than humiliate her like that? (not that I am agreeing at all with that mindset). I urge the public to sop putting this video out and flag it wherever you see it. We have bigger fish to fry.


So, what are you thinking?

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