The little black dress (LBD)- inspired by the harassed 4 short dress video

Turn on the television, read the papers, they all say that every girl should own that ‘LBD’

Well I wore that LBD!

To feel gorgeous, to feel loved, to feel empowered, to hide the shame when there was no one to blame

Yes I OWNED that LBD! I walked on the streets with that LBD

Representing the modern world where the western has permeated and merged into ours

A good thing or a bad thing, I have no idea…

All I know is that this is reality

I can pick and choose what I want. I have a choice and I wore that LBD!

The world became cold, dark and ugly!

That LBD stood for everything that made them angry!

How dare I assert my confidence!


A girl dressed like that deserves no sympathy!

But how could I be all those things when I wore my LBD when the sun was out?

Girls, empowering women! all wear their LBDs at night time…

but I had no right to my LBD.

With humiliation and disgrace as my armor,

I fight through the crowd but they open my jewels for the whole world to see!

The longest walk of my life was over

When the west merged with tradition…

A woman with a wrapper came to merge the worlds

And covered my shame.

Writer’s Note:

Flag any Harassed 4 short dress videos! This poem is unedited. The same way that the video was raw and unedited. I choose to leave this poem as is. Please, Please! Take this video down and do not encourage any actions that are similar to this. Thank you.


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