The moments when humanity disappoints me

Yesterday, I posted about a video that I believed that everyone should flag so that it could be taken down. I flagged the videos in as many places as I could find this morning and yesterday but it’s a shame that one the one I saw yesterday is still up. The little things always spiral and become larger issues. Please show your support and flag the “Harassed 4 short dress” videos so that they can be taken down. No  person deserves that type of humiliation. (if you don’t know what the video is about, the gist is that a girl wearing a short dress is harassed in public, a bunch of men follow her, raise up her dress revealing her privates.) No one deserves this! Take this video down. And I encourage other bloggers not to put this video up! You are condoning this behavior in some ways. The content you allow on your blog shows that ideals of your blog. I don’t know about you but the things that appear on my blog are the things that I support. Please take down this video and any video like it!




So, what are you thinking?

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