Coming out Party

Hello anyone and someone who happens to read this or have read something I wrote here. I haven’t posted anything in a while not becuase I haven’t been writing; in fact, I have been doing a lot of it. Honesty is hard and it’s hard not to keep your ‘failures’ a secret. So here goes, i stopped posting because my stats suck! Like not ‘oh, kind of good’ suck, like majorly suck!
I’m not posting this to try to make more people read. I bet only one or two beings will probably read this. But depending on how you define what it means to communicate, i’ll say that by writing this, I have connected in some way. The greatest thing I have ever heard about what it means to be a writer is that ‘to be a writer is to be vulnerable’. And if i have not pushed myself enough to admit my failures then where does my vulnerabilty lie?
I showed a friend one of my stats and a sweetheart that he is, he told me that I might as well just type it in word. And I thought he was right, what is the point of sharing my writing if no one reads it, no one read my work and therefore I had failed so I planned to shut down my blog. I don’t make rash decisions, so I decided to let the idea simmer for a bit.
After a lot of thought, i remembered why I started to write. It was because I loved it and wanted a part of me to be forever etched in the world. I’m kind of one of those types. And even if no one reads them, to me they will be like those bones that get discovered centuries after they had been buried, if one person is able to discover or connect with something i wrote, then there is no greater joy for this writer. I might never get to the ranks of the great writers in history, but I will never say that I never swung my sword. It’s the things you don’t do that you regret.
So this is my coming out party, cheers to being one of the world’s many failed writers. It’s an honor to drink with you all!


2 thoughts on “Coming out Party

  1. Hmmmm deep. I did think of the same too looking at my stat and later realised I write. Cos I wanna share my thoughts knowing it would be seen at some point. I even tried tweeting my addy but it didn’t get me what I wanted. But this is some cool piece I can relate with, some others do too.

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