The ‘inattentive generation’ raises the ‘restless generation’


By Mick Krever, CNN

What are your children doing on the internet?

For many modern parents, it’s one of the scariest – and most mysterious – questions they can be asked.

It’s something British filmmaker Beeban Kidron – director of the second “Bridget Jones” film – realized she too was anxious to answer.

(On the release of a new Bridget Jones book, Kidron called Helen Fielding “a genius” for killing off the character of Darcy, but when asked if she would direct a film without Darcy, she deflected “Of course not!”)

Her newest project is called “InRealLife,” a documentary about children’s addiction to the internet.

The question she wanted to answer was not the fraught one of whether online activity was good or bad – a complicated question that is moot anyway – but how the internet was changing young people.

“I felt that the world around me was just…

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