SPOTLIGHT: Opal Jewlery

Although the science of Opals is not something I fully understand, I think the little knowledge I have about Opals lets me appreciate Opal jewelry in a different way. According to ehow.com,

“Opals are formed when a mineraloid gel mixed with water begins to dry. A mineraloid gel is a mixture of minerals and chemicals that does not contain any crystals. The gel will not crystallize when it dries; instead it will harden and create another type of stone. For opals, as the mixture dries it leaves behind a rigid structure of silica that will be able to refract and diffuse light. Opals are considered precious gems when the gel has less than 10 percent of water left in the structure. This means that the gel has hardened enough and will not change shape any more.”

All that still seems like mumbo jumbo to me but one word that stuck out to me was “mineraloid”. A mineraloid is a ‘naturally occurring, inorganic material that is amorphous and is therefore not considered to be a mineral. Also known as gel mineral.’

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AMORPHOUS!! … synonym for words like formless, shapeless and unstructured. To me the Opal represents a preciousness that is so amazing that it cannot be defined simply! The opal is the freedom to be whatever you want to be against stereotypes and societal judgement. As you think about ways to show people you support and care for their lifestyles, choices and so on, consider the beautiful, strong and free opal; a gem that keeps the mystery alive.

BTW!! FUN FACT: The Opal is the birthstone of October (holla to all my fellow October babies, we kick ass!) and is titled “The Queen of Gems”.


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Afrykanka (that’s polish baby!)

With my love of African print and jewelry, it’s about time that I write a post about African print jewelry. If you want to know more about African print clothing and accessories, just drop a comment or send me a message and I’ll write something about African prints 🙂 … here are some j-pics (jewelry pictures).

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Howl with the jewelers.

Hey, it’s that time of the year when everyone likes to get and give a good scare. Time to think about treats!! Yes candy but what else? … JEWELRY!! These are perfect for all ages. Not to bore you with talk, here are a bunch of creative jewels I found on the internet! Respect to the artists! Hope you think about handing out some jewelry when the trick’r treaters come knocking!! mwwwwahahaah 🙂

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Write My Jewel.

So it’s 12:29 pm and I just barely made it to writing class! “Phew”, I think to myself, “another close call.” Now that I have your attention, I would like to inform you that you are reading my writing assignment right now (I can see you trying to judge my writing skills, stop it! 😦 ). Anyway, I get to class and what’s the assignment? Reading and writing in a profession that you’re interested in; complete with an article and interviews.

         A lot of people don’t think about writing in relation to crafts; when you’re done reading this, I hope you consider how important writing is. So, what kind of reading and/or writing do jewelers have to do? I never thought of that before. Off the top of my head I would say it’s important to know how to compose a business plan. In order to acquire capital, banks, investors, venture capitalists and so on require business plans in order to evaluate the potential value of an investment. In a business plan, the most important section is Executive Summary because it introduces the business to the reader. It is important to be creative with this because it only takes a few lines to get the money you need. As wonderful as it is to create a timeless piece, a great business can’t do without money. The road to getting the green sometimes begins with the first paragraph of your executive summary. If you don’t want your dreams to end up in this…

  … it’s a good idea to start practicing how to write the perfect executive summary.

        Writing doesn’t end there. An e-interview with successful jeweler, Amanda Fisher, proves that. Here is my Q&A with her plus comments by me about her answers relating to my topic of concern (writing for jewelers). Please note that my comments in do not reflect Amanda’s opinions in any way, they are my understanding of Amanda’s replies to my questions.

Q:  How has your knowledge and skills in reading and writing English Language helped your brand image?

A: Yes, I think and hope so. I am not a writer myself, but I’ve gotten good advice from writers, and I think it helps people understand my work.

C: It seems to me that part of the jewel business is defining what a piece is. Understanding a jewel is part of the experience that jewelers seek to provide their clients.

Q:  According to Onetonline.org, (on a scale of 1 to 100, 100 being the highest and 1 being the lowest), English Language is rated as 42 in relation to its importance to your job. From your experience, would you say this rating is accurate and if yes or no, why?

A: It really depends on how I define my job. If I define my job as entirely making jewelry- then I’d say that language skills are fairly irrelevant. HOWEVER- in practice, marketing is a HUGE  part of a successful small company/brand, and that relies on language skills a LLOT.

C: Creating something beautiful might not require you to write, but getting people to understand your vision largely depends on your ability to write well. 

Q: What are some of the types of writing you do that people would not expect?

A: Blogging about cooking, probably! That’s got nothing to do with my jewelry, but it’s something I love and write about. Also reviewing fiction.

C: Writing allows you to go broaden your scope and explore other interests outside your profession. It could even give you inspiration for your art.

Q: How often do you write in a day?

A: ?? at least an hour, spread among various topics.

C: Be willing to experiment, you never know where your inspiration can come from.

Q: What types of written documents are used more frequently in your job?

A: Email, mailing lists, blogs, magazine articles

C: It’s all about communication. Knowing how to present ideas in a clear and concise manner to all stakeholders is essential in the business.

Q: How important do you think writing is in your line of work?

A: Mixed. It’s not important for the work itself; it’s vital for being able to SELL the work.

C: It’s one thing to create something, it’s another thing to create something that people want to buy. Part of the process of selling is letting the client perceive and undersand the value of a jewel; writing could help communicate that.

Q: What written documents are most important in your work?

A: My website.

C: Again, if you want to sell, you have to communicate! You sure need to write!

Q: What type of writing in relation to your job do you enjoy and/or detest most?

A: I frankly hate the marketing stuff, especially writing evocative descriptions of my work. I don’t know that there’s any I really enjoy; if i wanted to write, I’d be a writer, not a metal smith!

C: It may not be fun, but you need to write so get good at it 🙂

Q: How has good writing helped your public relations?

A: It helps people understand what I do, and hopefully find it of value and interest. it’s also important when people get confused about the details of ordering.

C: Again, communication! (British accent) (French accent)

Q: Do you think a blog is important for your brand? If so, why?

A: YES. People love the “story” of how things are created.

Q: Do you own a blog for your jewels? If yes, how has it helped your brand? If no, why not?

A: Yes, though I’m not sure how much it helps. I have a biz page on FB. What mostly helps in my individual replies to people who might be interested in ordering a set of custom wedding rings, for instance.

An example of a jeweler that uses a blog.

          The last two questions to Amanda explored the importance of writing to jewelers. Although Amanda agrees that blogging is important to her brand, other jewelers might not. In an article for JCK, Margaret Halpin. a marketer for MMA international in Austin Texas, and Christopher J Arends, the owner of Aires Jewelers in Morris Plains,New Jersey, explore two different views on the benefit of blogging to jewelers. While Halpin largely shares Amanda’s view as she expresses that “a well published blog lets you create added value for your brand”, Arends disagrees by questioning the usefulness of a blog to a jeweler when he expresses, “I follow a food blog, car blog and my favorite a beer blog, but a jewelry blog?”. Halpin believes that a blog if written and presented in the right way (writing is important!), gives the opportunity for bloggers to stay in touch and show their personality to their clients; this is a view Amanda seems to share. Arends on the other hand, believes that a combination of traditional marketing strategies would do more for a brand than a blog can because they reach more people. He also doubts that the time and attention blogs require are effective compared to postings on social network cites like Facebook and Twitter (yay twitter! team twitter). Arends believes that a jeweler has to weigh the benefits of a blog to his/her brand as he doubts the usefulness that it has in encouraging jewelry buyers to buy.

         This has been the weirdest assignment ever! I have to admit that I had fun researching and learning more about jewelry design. Most important use of writing for jewelers? SELL! SELL! SELL! Although the extent to which writing can help market jewelry is disputable, I think a good balance of descriptive, informative and persuasive writing combined with multimedia (videos, pictures and so on) will definitely help Jewelers to make a successful brand. What do you think?


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