Why I’m Filing For Divorce.

It’s never the little things that lead to these types of endings;
It’s the little dust mites that come together and become the elephant in the room.
Speaking of elephants, you became one overnight!
You always put me first but now it seems like you can’t wait to get out of the room-
And that’s what hurts the most. You just don’t care anymore.
I’m tired of being tied down honey-
You’re perfect but perfect just isn’t fun or good enough for me anymore.
You beat me up-
I’m not a mule!
You are just not who I thought you were.
I know about her.
You love him now.
One word honey-
For ‘better or worse’ became the worst.
That’s why I’m divorcing you.
I’m getting the house, we can negotiate the kids and you’re not getting a dime-you signed the prenup.